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At Costa Rica Divers, we are divers first and foremost. We do it for the love of the ocean and its inhabitants. We like to share our knowledge on topics that are close to us and in which we have something to say. Because we live in Costa Rica, we know the specifics of diving in the tropics, but that doesn’t mean our experience ends there. Diving in cold waters, in side mount configuration, or cave diving are our passions. We invite you to read our blog and benefit from our experience. We also encourage you to like our profile on Facebook, where often interesting things happen!


PADI Divemaster Course – Supreme Guide

How to become a PADI Divemaster? How much does a divemaster earn and is it easy to find a job? Everything about the PADI license.
What is the best scuba diving organization

What is the best scuba diving organization?

Diving organizations provide training and preparation of diving course programs. What is the best diving federation?

How deep is the ocean? Interesting facts

Do you know how deep the ocean is? See interesting facts about the ocean and its depth. It will surely surprise you!

What is the best scuba diving certification?

What is the best scuba diving certification? How do you choose the best scuba organization? Our overview of diver certification organizations

Scuba Diving Cartoons – Diving in Popular Culture

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the idea of "breathing" under water. This idea is also present in mass culture and in cartoons.

How much does it cost to be a certified diver?

Although Scuba diving has been a popular pastime across the world since ancient times, learning to scuba dive requires both knowledge and also development.

Technical diving, what it is and how to become a technical diver.

Technical diving, what it is and how to become a technical diver. Everything about the PADI TEC 40 course. Do you dare to do this?
Diving tank - structure and properties. Everything you need to know.

Diving tank – structure and properties. Everything you need to know.

A diving tank is a must-have item for diving equipment. For the basic diving course you will use compressed air that will be in the tank. But what exactly is a diving tank and how is it built?

Disinfection and cleaning of diving equipment. A practical guide

Disinfection of diving equipment is important for our health. What to look for when renting equipment at a diving center?

Night diving, everything you need to know. A practical guide.

Night diving has a completely different character than day diving. It has a taste of mystery. Check what you need to know about night diving

What is Enriched Air Nitrox, NITROX, EAN. Everything about diving with enriched air.

Nitrox, Enriched Air Nitrox or EAN, Oxygen Enriched Air are the names of the same gas mixture. But how to use such gas and how is it different from air?

Online diving course. How to start your diving adventure without leaving your home?

Online diving course? Yes, it’s possible now! You are certainly wondering how. Today I will explain to you what the possibilities and how the online diving course looks like.
wreck diving how to start

Wreck diving, how to start exploring sunken wrecks?

Wreck diving is a very exciting type of diving. In the seas and oceans you will find sunken ships or planes, while diving in the lakes you can find various objects like a sunken car, bus, excavator or even a tank. The physical condition and size of the sunken vessels varies greatly. However, when diving on...

Underwater Scooters or how to start diving with DPV?

DPV or Diver Propulsion Vehicle allows the diver to swim faster and travel longer distances. Thanks to this, we can explore the greater part of the dive site, to which we would not reach only with fins. This can help to discover new exciting parts of the underwater world. Many new dive sites have been discovered...

17 best diving destinations in the world. Which ones do you know?

Our list of diving sites is not closed and you can certainly add many places to this list. However, in my opinion, these places are noteworthy.

Diver Decalogue. 10 life rules I learned as a diver

Diving is a great activity that can become the meaning of life. However, when we are not in the water, we have to lead a normal life. Work, take care of the family and fight adversities. But in everyday life and hard times, diving can also help. See ten life rules you can learn as a...
How to choose the best scuba diving wetsuit

Diving suit. How to choose the best scuba wetsuit?

The diving suit is a special outfit used for water sports. The diving suit is part of the basic set of diving equipment, but depending on the purpose, the suits differ in parameters. In this article we will show you how to choose the right one.

How to learn to swim? 6 interesting facts about swimming

Do you want to learn to swim or improve your swimming skills? Read 6 swimming tips to help you learn how to be safe on the water. If you know someone who can't swim, send him this article!
How to start diving Everything you need to know about the diving course padi costa rica

How to start diving? Everything you need to know about the diving course.

Diving is a very safe and popular sport. Perhaps you have already done snorkeling and would like to see something more. In such a situation, the decision to start diving is an obvious consequence. How to start diving? Who can dive? Is diving safe? We will try to answer these questions in this study.

How to choose a diving regulator? Everything you want to know. A practical guide.

The scuba regulator is one of the basic elements of diving equipment. There are many manufacturers and models on the market. What to consider when choosing? Is DIN or INT better? See our practical guide
uvita divers buceo

Is diving safe? We will solve all your doubts! All about diving safety

In my opinion, when it comes to safety in diving, you can talk a lot and a lot. After these many years “underwater,” I can confidently answer the question, “Is it safe to dive?” And my answer will be: yes, but only if we follow the rules and dive within our limits.

PADI Open Water Diver. Basic diving course – what do you need to know?

Diving is a safe and extremely satisfying activity. Of course, as with any sport activity, at the beginning you must learn the rules that prevail here. The basic diving course will prepare you to explore the underwater world. In this article, I will briefly explain to you the basic course of diving.

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PADI Night Diver Specialty Course in Costa Rica + e-learning

PADI Night Diver Specialty Course in Costa Rica + e-learning

Sign up for the PADI Night Diver course and enter a new world.
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Discover Scuba Diving Marino Ballena national park

Try Scuba Diving – Discover Scuba Diving Marino Ballena

Discover Scuba Diving Tour in Marino Ballena is a great way to try diving.
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Scuba Diving Course in Uvita e-learning

Scuba Diving Course in Uvita + e-learning

Scuba Course in Uvita is a good way to get your PADI license!
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PADI DSD Leader Divemaster Qualifications Upgrade

PADI DSD Leader – Divemaster Qualifications Upgrade

The PADI DSD Leader course will allow you to upgrade your Divemaster qualification to training status in Discover Scuba Diving.
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Snorkeling in Uvita Snorkeling Tour for the Whole Family

Snorkeling in Uvita – Great Snorkeling Tour for the Whole Family

A snorkeling tour from Uvita will allow you to see the underwater beauty of Costa Rica.
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PADI Divemaster Course in Costa Rica Internship

PADI Divemaster Course in Costa Rica + Internship

Start your professional diving career with the PADI Divemaster course in Costa Rica.
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