Cost of Scuba Diving – Is scuba diving expensive?

Asking about the cost of scuba diving is a very good question before you jump into the hobby for good. It is known that all extreme sports, or simply those that require the use of specialized equipment and training, sometimes carry high costs. But exactly how much does scuba diving cost, and how much do you have to spend to fully enjoy this recreational activity? Let’s get our hands on a calculator.

Here we discuss the basic training and purchase of equipment that will enable you to dive fairly independently and, above all, safely. Before you start dreaming of conquering the mysterious oceans, it’s worth knowing how much diving costs. So let’s get started!

Cost of Scuba Diving

In the first place, when it comes to the cost of diving, you have to consider dive training. Diving without a license and training is not illegal, but it is the stupidest thing you can do. And youtube videos or advice from a friend won’t help here. You need to get good training from an authorized instructor to learn all the rules and dive safely and efficiently.

Cost of Scuba Diving
Cost of Scuba Diving

So what kind of fees do you face when it comes to a scuba diving course? Well… here the price can vary greatly, and definitely don’t just go with the lowest price when choosing. Although each diving course consists of the same elements, i.e. the theoretical part, classes in the pool and 4 dives, their prices can vary significantly. Let me use our dive center as an example.

Price of the diving course

We offer PADI courses at two prices, and this is due to the simple fact that they are organized in other locations. Isla del Cano is a great place, but it has higher organizational costs. That’s why my question is: if you find a course that’s half the price, will you go just because of the price? Even in a situation where one course is held on a tropical island and the other in an abandoned quarry?

But let’s get to the specifics. You can take a solid scuba diving course for prices starting at $500. Knowing the organizational costs and mandatory fees, I can conclude that anything below this price will cut corners in some aspect of training, or at best the instructor will be so poorly paid that he or she will think only of getting home as soon as possible.

Cost of scuba diving equipment

Another thing to consider is the purchase of diving equipment. Already in the basic course you will learn that you will need several items that will enable you to dive. Starting with things like a scuba mask and snorkel, which you can also use for snorkeling. But you will still need a BCD vest, regulator, or wet suit. So should you rush to the store and buy everything at once to become a diver? Of course not.

If you can afford it, it’s a good idea to start by buying a mask with a snorkel and some sort of dive computer. These items are very personal, and at the same time do not contain a lot of space, so you can always take them with you. You can buy both elments for as low as about $400-500 together.

Scuba diving in Turkey Cost of Scuba Diving
Is it worth buying your own scuba gear?

Is it worth buying your own scuba gear?

As I mentioned above, it is a good idea to buy your own basic diving equipment. However, you should precede your decision on whether you want complete equipment with a few questions. How often will I dive? Will my dives be mainly local or on trips? How much does it cost to rent equipment at the nearest dive center?

If you plan to travel the world, having your own equipment doesn’t make sense, as transportation fees can be much higher than the cost of renting locally. However, if you plan to dive in your area, it may be better to have your own complete diving equipment.

Scuba Diving Prices

Another issue is the prices of diving for certified divers. And here the range is huge. From a dozen dollars in Asian countries, where you dive from the shore, to several thousand dollars on complex liveaboard expeditions. In fact, here only your imagination and possibilities are the limit. However, I can risk saying that most dives cost in the range of $100-200 for two dives.

Is Scuba Diving Expensive?

As we talk about the cost of scuba diving, we must clearly answer the question of whether diving is expensive. The answer is actually simple. Diving can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way at all. I guess, just like in any other hobby, one can get caught up in the vortex of buying more gadgets or chasing the “logo” of a popular manufacturer.

Which BCD will be the best for me
Scuba divers wearing BCD’s before diving

And yes, diving requires investment in courses and in equipment, but this does not mean that you have to spend a fortune. There are many good equipment manufacturers whose prices are more affordable. The only thing I wouldn’t save money on is good training. More expensive equipment will not make you a better diver, but a better course will.

Cost of Scuba Diving – let’s recap

As you can see, the cost of scuba diving involves several elements, such as training, purchasing equipment, and diving trips. It may not be one of those cheap forms of recreation, such as running, where shoes and desire are enough. Although in running, too, you can spend a lot of money on equipment…. Diving is an activity that requires investment, and about that there is no doubt. But… do you know how great it is to be a diver? If not, you should definitely give it a try!