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Scuba diving in Costa Rica is wonderful!

At Costa Rica Divers we are professionals in diving in Costa Rica, but most of all we are diving enthusiasts and we do not treat this as a profession, but as a passion. The high quality of our services and our compliance with diving training standards is confirmed by the trust placed in us by the largest international diving instructor organization – PADI. It guarantees you not only high quality of services, but also comfortable conditions and experienced diving instructors.


Diving in Costa Rica

Diving in Costa Rica is a great way to discover the underwater riches of this beautiful country. If you are already an experienced diver and have completed the diving course, you will certainly appreciate our diving trips. Diving in Costa Rica is primarily warm water and tropical sea creatures. While diving, you can see beautiful rays, sharks, whale sharks and even whales. All this is waiting for you at our diving center in Costa Rica, which is prepared to serve any customer, regardless of your diving certificates.



Diving instructors who treat diving not as a job, but as a passion.

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Dive plan adapted to the current conditions and wishes of customers.


Our scuba diving equipment is always operational and ready.


In our dive shop you can rent ours or buy your own diving equipment.

SCUBA Diving in Costa Rica
SCUBA Diving in Costa Rica

diving course in Costa Rica

Diving in Costa Rica is a great way to spend your free time. To fully enjoy the underwater world, it is worth undergoing appropriate training for divers. A diving course in Costa Rica will be a great souvenir of your vacation and an introduction to a wonderful underwater adventure. We conduct all our diving courses to the highest training standards and the license you receive after completing the diving course entitles you to dive anywhere in the world. That’s why you absolutely need to find time for a diving course in Costa Rica in your vacation plan.


Scuba courses in Costa Rica

If you are already a licensed diver and would like to expand your knowledge and diving skills, then in our diving center in Costa Rica you can take part in more advanced diving courses. We invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain an advanced diver, rescue diver or even a Divemaster license in the warm waters of Costa Rica. You can find all the courses on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

our diving center in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that is located in Central America. Its unique nature and natural wealth makes it one of the most visited international destinations. The richness of the underwater world also makes Costa Rica a great destination for divers. It does not matter whether you are already a diver or just want to try diving for the first time in your life – there is something for everyone here.


Where to dive in Costa Rica?

Each dive site offers a different experience, so it is worth visiting several places. That’s why in Costa Rica Divers you can take advantage of the many locations and try diving in a place that suits you best. Scuba diving in Costa Rica is a must on every trip! Contact us to plan your trip in Costa Rica.


Isla del Caño

One of the best diving sites in Costa Rica is Isla del Caño, where a biological reserve has been established. You can often find manta rays and other large animals here. More information on Isla del Caño can be found here: Isla del Caño – practical tourist information.

Costa Rica Scuba Diving Center
Costa Rica Scuba Diving Center

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Costa Rica Padi Center

Diving in Costa Rica is a great vacation idea and a very popular pastime. Suffice it to say that diving is compared to a walk in space. It is closest to weightlessness, which is why diving is such a wonderful experience. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about diving in Costa Rica, and you will find the answers below. Contact us for details on diving courses and current promotions on diving trips


How much does it cost to scuba dive in Costa Rica?

Scuba diving in Costa Rica is a really great idea for entertainment. The prices of diving services depend on many factors such as location, time of year and your level of training. However, it can be said that the prices of diving trips or diving courses in Costa Rica do not exceed prices from other places in the world. Often you can also count on promotions or family packages. The price of the diving course is only $ 645, and the diving trips start from $ 99 Our dive center in Costa Rica has a permanent promotion we call 3 + 3 = 7. Details of the diving promotion can be found here: discount for diving course.


Where should I stay in Costa Rica for diving?

In Costa Rica you will find many interesting places that are worth visiting. Despite its small size, the country has a lot to offer, and diving in Costa Rica is no different. Here you will find many diving sites and schools offering scuba diving. The most popular places are on the Pacific side, where the Isla del Cano nature reserve is the leading place. It is definitely worth visiting this place and see with your own eyes what the wildlife of Costa Rica looks like. Of course, you will also find interesting diving spots in other areas of Costa Rica.


Does Costa Rica have coral reefs?

In Costa Rica, coral reefs can be found on both coasts, namely the Caribbean and the Pacific. However, some coral reefs in Costa Rica have been damaged by global warming. The government of Costa Rica with the help of local divers has implemented coral reef protection and restoration programs. You can also help and get involved in coral conservation programs.


Does Costa Rica have good snorkeling?

Water sports in Costa Rica is not only diving or diving courses, but also snorkeling. It’s great fun for the whole family and it’s definitely worth going snorkeling to see the beauty of the underwater world live. You can even try beach snorkeling, all you need is a mask and a snorkel. However, the best snorkeling spots often coincide with the best diving spots in Costa Rica. It is in these places that you can meet interesting animals and you don’t need to dive deep. You only need to dip your face in a mask and a snorkel. Therefore, snorkeling is a great way to spend time with your family.


Is it safe to snorkel in Costa Rica?

As with any sports activity, snorkeling should also be practiced with basic safety precautions. You should not go into the water alone and it is best to wear a life vest when snorkeling. All our snorkeling trips take place under the supervision of an experienced diving instructor and lifeguard to ensure maximum safety. While the risk is minimal, there is always a full first aid kit on board and the boat is in constant contact with the coast. All water activities and services that we provide at our dive center in Costa Rica are always organized with our clients and their safety in mind. After all, it’s about having a good time and taking only good memories with you. You can read more about the safe practice of snorkeling here: snorkeling in Costa Rica. Please contact us if you have any questions about snorkeling equipment or safety rules.


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