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Whale Watching in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, with its stunning coastline and rich marine biodiversity, offers an exceptional opportunity for whale watching enthusiasts. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this tropical paradise provides a unique setting to witness the awe-inspiring presence of whales. Let’s explore the enchanting world of whale watching in Costa Rica, highlighting the unusual whale species that frequent its waters and the best locations to embark on this unforgettable coastal adventure.

Humpback Whales in Costa Rica

Whale watching season in Costa Rica spans from July to November, offering the prime opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. While whales adhere to their own schedules, they may adjust their patterns if necessary. Therefore, it is recommended to select an experienced captain who can anticipate their behavior when planning a whale tour. Undeniably, the most favorable location for whale sightings is Uvita, situated on the Pacific coast. This area has become a preferred habitat for these majestic animals, increasing the likelihood of encountering both adult whales and their offspring. Our whale watching tours provide an enjoyable day at sea, allowing you to create lasting memories in the company of these incredible creatures.

Whale Watching Tour from Uvita

Uvita is renowned as the ultimate destination for whale watching in Costa Rica. This coastal gem serves as a vital birthing and nurturing ground, where these magnificent creatures migrate to give birth and impart essential knowledge to their young. It’s important to note that this remarkable phenomenon is not year-round, making it advisable to visit Costa Rica during the migration season to witness the whales in action. Our whale watching tours in Uvita commence from the beach, providing you with a remarkable opportunity to explore Marino Ballena National Park and witness the awe-inspiring presence of these majestic creatures up close.

Whale Watching Tour with Costa Rica Divers

At our company, we take pride in organizing our whale watching tours with meticulous planning and a focus on providing an exceptional experience. Our utmost priority is ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of our clients, as we believe that every moment spent with us should be memorable. As the only authorized PADI dive center in Uvita, we offer top-quality services, complete with our own training pool and fully equipped dive center. It is our commitment to transparency that sets us apart – we do not impose any additional fees, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for all our valued customers.

Whale Watching in Costa Rica

Embarking on a whale watching excursion in their natural habitat is an extraordinary way to witness the grandeur of these magnificent creatures. We invite you to join us on a thrilling adventure where you will have the incredible opportunity to observe the awe-inspiring humpback whales. During this expedition, you will marvel at their annual migration journey, a remarkable spectacle to behold.

Whale Watching in Uvita

If you are eager to delve deeper into the world of whales and their seasonal patterns, we recommend reading the comprehensive study titled “Whale Watching in Costa Rica – Identifying the Best Locations.” This study provides valuable insights into the optimal places for encountering these majestic beings.

Whale watching tour

Whale watching in Costa Rica

The price of our whale tour encompasses all the necessary elements to ensure your comfortable experience while observing whales in their natural environment. It is important to note that our price is final and already includes all applicable local taxes. We are committed to transparency, and therefore, we do not impose any additional fees. Rest assured that everything you need for a seamless and enjoyable whale watching adventure is included in the tour price.

Departure & Return Location

Costa Rica Divers

Departure Time

7 AM

Price Includes

  • all necessary equipment
  • care of a licensed guide
  • entrance fees
  • snacks and drinks

Price Excludes

  • transport to our center
Whale Watching Tour

Your exciting whale watching journey will commence at our office, where you will receive a warm welcome and a refreshing bottle of water. Once all the necessary formalities are completed, we will transport you to the designated location where our boat eagerly awaits. Under the guidance of our experienced captain, we will navigate to the finest spots where we have the highest chances of encountering magnificent whales.

It is important to bear in mind that these are wild animals, and while we make every effort to maximize the likelihood of sightings, there may be occasions when external factors prevent us from encountering them. Nonetheless, rest assured that your chances of witnessing these majestic creatures are truly remarkable! In addition to whales, we may also have the privilege of observing dolphins, various fish, and a diverse array of avian species. It promises to be a day filled with awe and wonder!

Whale Watching tour in Uvita

During the tour, snacks and beverages will be available on the boat, ensuring you stay refreshed and energized throughout the experience. Please note that swimming with whales is strictly prohibited in Costa Rica. You will not be able to enter the water in close proximity to these magnificent creatures.

However, you will have the opportunity to observe them up close, marveling at their grandeur and beauty. After the tour, we will return to our office, providing an opportunity to reflect on the captivating impressions and moments shared during this unforgettable adventure.

Our Dive Shop in Costa Rica

Photos from Whale Watching Tour
Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that you may have questions about our whale watching in Costa Rica. To provide assistance, we have compiled a collection of frequently asked questions with answers. If you have additional questions or need further clarification, please contact us directly.

What whales in Costa Rica can you see?

Humpback whales are the most commonly observed whale species in Costa Rica, as they migrate through its waters for over six months of the year. Remarkably, Costa Rica boasts the longest humpback whale watching season globally, as it serves as a transit route for both Northern and Southern Hemisphere whales. In addition to humpback whales, Costa Rica is occasionally visited by other whale species that reside in the deep ocean. Bryde’s Whales, for instance, can also be spotted off the coast of Costa Rica. While not as frequent, sightings of orcas have been reported, although they are considered uncommon in these waters.

When can you see whales in Costa Rica?

Whales can be observed in Costa Rica during specific periods of the year. The whale watching season in Costa Rica typically runs from July to November, providing the best opportunities for encountering these majestic creatures. This timeframe coincides with the annual migration of humpback whales, making it the prime season to witness their impressive displays. It’s important to note that the exact timing of whale sightings may vary, as it is influenced by natural factors and the behavior of the whales themselves. However, planning a visit to Costa Rica within the designated whale watching season increases the chances of experiencing these incredible marine encounters.

Can you swim with whales in Costa Rica?

Swimming with whales is prohibited in Costa Rica. It is important to respect the natural habitat of these magnificent creatures and maintain a safe distance to ensure their well-being and your own safety. While you won’t be able to swim in close proximity to the whales, you will still have the opportunity to observe them up close and appreciate their beauty and grace during a whale watching tour. Admiring these incredible animals from a respectful distance allows for a memorable and responsible experience while preserving their natural behaviors and habitat.

What is the minimum age for whale watching?

Even the smallest children can be taken on a whale watching tour, as it is a unique attraction for everyone. Pregnant women can also take part in our tours. Children under the age of 4 do not have to pay!

What is the duration of the tour?

The whale watching tour begins at 8am at our office and lasts about three hours. Depending on the season, we can also start the tour at 12 noon.

What is the best place to see whales in Costa Rica?

Uvita, located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is widely regarded as the best place to see whales in the country. This scenic coastal region has become a favored destination for whale sightings, particularly humpback whales. Uvita offers a unique combination of favorable environmental conditions and abundant marine resources, making it an ideal habitat for these magnificent creatures. The waters around Uvita provide excellent opportunities for whale watching, with a higher likelihood of encountering both adult whales and their young. If you are seeking the best place to witness the awe-inspiring presence of whales in Costa Rica, Uvita should be at the top of your list.

What is the cancellation policy?

We acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to the need for reservation cancellations. However, kindly bear in mind that our operations take place within a national park, necessitating meticulous organization for each tour for whale watching in Costa Rica. As a result, we kindly request you to review our comprehensive cancellation policy, which can be found here: Cancellation Policy.

What language is the tour in?

Whale watching tours in Costa Rica are mainly conducted in English and Spanish. However, we also have the option of providing guides who speak other languages, such as French or Polish. We encourage you to contact us about this.

How experienced are the guides?

Our guides are both highly experienced and certified as licensed guides, making them highly qualified to lead tour groups. Their in-depth experience and knowledge allows them to provide an exceptional whale watching experience in Ksotaryka for every participant.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions or need additional information about the PADI Search and Recovery course in Costa Rica, we encourage you to contact us without hesitation. Our main goal is to help you and provide answers to all your questions. Our team is fully committed to providing comprehensive information to make your diving experience truly exceptional. Contact us at your convenience and we will be happy to provide you with prompt assistance.

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