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FromCRC ‎295,000
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2 days
Min Age : 12

PADI Search and Recovery
Find and recover

The PADI Search and Recovery course is one of those adventure courses that bring back amazing adventures and great underwater discoveries. In this course you will learn how to locate something underwater, how to search for it in an efficient way and finally how to return with it to the surface.

Whether it’s a phone you just lost or a long-lost shipwreck, you need to know how to look for it. Because of air consumption, you have limited time underwater. On the PADI Search and Recovery course, you’ll learn to do it like a pro. This course will give you skills far beyond the basic diving course program.

Why take the Search and Recovery course with Costa Rica Divers?

Having skills beyond the usual diving course is called specialization. And it is true that not every dive instructor can teach specialization. At our authorized PADI dive center, you have the chance to learn from the best. Not only do our staff have the necessary licenses and experience, but our center is the only one in the area with its own training pool and fully equipped base. Your search and recovery course with us will not only be professional, but above all enjoyable and fun.

But why is our diving course different from other diving schools?

First of all – our price is complete, including all materials, dives, equipment rental for the duration of the course, e-learning package, PADI license fees – in a word everything you need to complete the course. Just come and see for yourself.

PADI Specialization Details

The PADI Search and Recovery specialization is ideal if you want to expand your knowledge with elements not necessarily present in a basic diving course. In this course you will learn new tasks and techniques underwater and how to use these techniques in any environment.

Maybe you’ve lost something in the sea before? Maybe you know someone who has? On the PADI Search and Recovery Specialized Course, you’ll learn search techniques to find different sized objects in different terrain and visibility.

Did you find it? Great, but that’s only half of your task. now you need to know how to bring it to the surface regardless of the size and weight of the item. The PADI Search and Recovery course will introduce you to several tying techniques and lifting devices that will allow you to return to the surface with your treasure.

Departure & Return Location

Costa Rica Divers


2 days

Price Includes

  • PADI e-learning package
  • all necessary equipment
  • PADI instructor care
  • PADI Fees
  • entrance fees
  • snacks and drinks

Price Excludes

  • transport to our center
What to Expect on PADI Search and Recovery?

The PADI Search and Recovery course in Costa Rica lasts two days and includes theoretical classes and 4 training dives. During the training we use standard recreational diving equipment. Your training includes theoretical training in the form of e-learning, so you can start the course anywhere and anytime. Later, your instructor will test your knowledge and clarify any doubts.


Search and Recovery 

During the training you will learn and practice several methods of underwater search. You will learn to choose the best method for the prevailing conditions and, most importantly, properly plan the entire search operation. During the training there will be several items hidden underwater, and your task will be to find them. 

Once you have found the items, your next step will be to safely emerge with your find. It will be very important at this point to do this safely and correctly, so that the item itself and the procedure will not threaten your safety. This will be part of the training for the search and recovery course.

Entry requirements for the Search and Recovery course


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Photos from PADI Search and Recovery

We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions about our PADI Search and Recovery Specialty course in Costa Rica. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

What will I learn in this course?

The PADI Search and Recovery course begins with a theoretical section that describes the techniques you will practice underwater. In the next stage, the isntructor will demonstrate these techniques to you on land, and you will practice them before entering the water. The next part will be four open-water dives, during which you will practice searching underwater for objects of various sizes and bringing them to the surface. At the end of the course, each student will plan and execute their own search operation.

What equipment will I be using on this course?

During this diving course you will use the standard diving equipment that you already know from the basic course. You will use additional elements during the exercise, such as obstacles, additional weights, or various play elements. A buoyancy buoy for pulling out heavy objects will also be an additional element.

Where will I dive during the PADI S+R course?

Depending on current availability and ocean conditions, we always try to select the best locations for training. An exact schedule will be provided when you sign up for the course, but if you have any questions, please contact our office. We usually try to have our dives done on Isla del Cano.

Divemaster Course


Have you thought about becoming a professional diver and working in paradise?
We have a professional PADI Divemaster training course for you!

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PADI Search and Recovery will teach you to find lost objects and bring them to the surface

9 December 2022