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Scuba Voucher

Don’t know what to gift your loved ones for a special occasion? Do you want to give someone a unique and special gift? Then our gift vouchers are just what you need! This gift certificate can be used for full or partial payment for any of our diving equipment or diving course programs. This time you will surprise everyone!



Gift Voucher for a Great Adventure

Give your loved ones a unique gift for any occasion. Our gift voucher is not only for divers, but for anyone who dreams of experiencing an amazing adventure in Costa Rica.

Diving vouchers – how does it work?

We know that sometimes it is difficult to choose a good gift for a loved one. Especially if you have to plan an attraction or choose a specific size or color. It can be very unpleasant if you find that you have chosen the wrong gift and have to exchange it for another one. That’s why beautifully crafted gift certificates come to the rescue. With them, everyone can choose the right gift for themselves from our wide range of equipment, tours and training. Isn’t that great?

How does gift certificate delivery work?

Our gift vochers are available all the time at our office in Uvita, where you can choose the one you want and take it with you. But we also have a delivery option to your address! With this option, we will also include a letter explaining how to use the vocher and who the giver is. If you wish, of course. Upon special request, we can also include a message from you. The whole package will be nicely printed and wrapped in an envelope. Shipping within Costa Rica is free of charge!

What are the values of the vouchers?

We have prepared up to four different values of gift certificates. You can choose a coupon worth $100, $300, $500 and $1,000. You can exchange each of them for services and goods at Costa Rica Divers, up to the value that appears on each coupon. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the purchase of diving equipment, a snorkeling trip or a diving course. Each person who shows a valid gift certificate will receive its value in our services and products. Isn’t it simple and wonderful?

Best gift for anyone

Gift vouchers, even after being redeemed, will be a wonderful reminder of a unique gift. We are sure that such a gift will not be forgotten for a long time by anyone you please with this unique voucher. Check out our offer of unique and collectible gift certificates.

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We are an authorized PADI Dive Center and offer amazing diving & snorkeling experiences in Costa Rica.

Plan & Book Your Trip With Us

We are an authorized PADI Dive Center and offer amazing diving & snorkeling experiences in Costa Rica.