Prices for diving courses in Costa Rica

How much is a diving course in Costa Rica?

Let's dive together in Costa Rica!

Diving in Costa Rica is a great experience in warm tropical water. While diving on Isla del Cano, you can meet many exotic sea creatures with your own eyes. We have prepared for you a complete list of our diving courses and excursions organized by our diving center in Costa Rica. If you have any questions, please contact our team and we will certainly advise you on every aspect.



Diving instructors who treat diving not as a job, but as a passion.

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Dive plan adapted to the current conditions and wishes of customers.


Our scuba diving equipment is always operational and ready.


In our dive shop you can rent ours or buy your own diving equipment.


Our course prices always include all the elements needed to complete the course and issue a PADI license. Complete equipment rental is also included. The price of each course includes an e-learning package, a diving t-shirt and a logbook. You won’t get this anywhere else!

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PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider


Emergency First Response


PADI Nitrox Speciality


PADI Sidemount Diver


PADI Self Reliant Diver


PADI Search & Recovery


Are you wondering how much does a diving course in Costa Rica cost? Our diving center offers diving training for all levels of recreational diving. We conduct courses in small groups in comfortable training conditions. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about diving training in Costa Rica. Please contact us with any additional questions.


How much do scuba diving courses cost in Costa Rica?

The prices of individual courses are listed in the table above. The price of a diving course is influenced by many elements and a lower price usually reduces the quality of your training, which will directly affect your diving skills. At Costa Rica Divers, we don’t go for quantity but for quality. Each diving license has the name of the training instructor and we do not want to be ashamed of the skills of our students. Therefore, the price for a diving course in Costa Rica is designed in such a way as to guarantee our students the highest quality of training and equipment of the appropriate quality.


What does the diving course include?

Diving courses at Costa Rica Divers are not only refined in terms of the skills and comfort of our clients, but also with their further diving career in mind. The price of each diving course includes a PADI e-learning package so that you can start learning in a comfortable environment, even before coming to Costa Rica. This is very important as this package on the PADI website costs up to $ 195 (depending on the type of course). There are no hidden costs or surcharges with us. The price of the diving course includes all elements for convenient completion of the course and obtaining a PADI license.


In another dive school I saw a diving course at a lower price. Why?

As mentioned earlier, we do not focus on the quantity but on the quality of training. There are no hidden fees or additional costs with us. Everything is clear from the very first moment. Additionally, only with us you get extras that no one else offers – a diving t-shirt and a professional logbook are just extras to high-quality training. What is very important, the price of the diving course in our school always includes the PADI e-learning package, which in the case of other offers is additionally payable. If you do simple math and add all the extra costs as well as freebies that you only get with us, you will find that our prices are actually… lower!


How can I pay for the diving course?

All diving course prices are final prices which apply to payment in cash or to an account at a local bank in Costa Rica. We encourage you to use these methods because they are the fastest and do not involve additional costs. However, if you would like to use a different method of payment for your diving course, we also have the option of accepting payments through third-party companies. Unfortunately, these payments involve an additional commission for third parties, which we will have to add to the final price of your course. 


Among the additional payment options for your diving training are PayPal, Skrill, and Credit Card. Only with us you can pay for all courses in cryptocurrency! We accept most of the leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Additionally, for clients from Europe, we provide a European bank account for making quick and cheap transfers. If you wish to use any of the additional payment methods, please contact us.


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