How to check the scuba instructor qualifications?

Diving is a great way of recreation that can bring you a lot of fun and a good time. However, what is very important, any attempt to dive without training is a very bad idea that can turn innocent fun into a tragedy. Do not risk your health and sign up for a diving course to learn all the rules and start your underwater adventure safely.

Which diving course will be the best?

A diving course is a training aimed at learning the correct and safe use of diving equipment, as well as planning and performing diving. Each diving federation, after completing the training, will issue a certificate that will confirm the acquired skills. You can read about diving federations in this study: what are the differences between diving federations?

I have already chosen the federation and the instructor – what next?

Once you have selected a diving federation and a diving center or instructor, the next step will be to check the instructor’s qualifications. Each diving instructor must undergo long and complex training followed by a hard exam before being able to conduct training. However, this is not the end, as each instructor must renew his membership in the diving federation and undergo periodic supplementary training. Active training entitlements are issued for one year only, and each instructor must renew them each year if they wish to continue training.

How to check the diving instructor’s qualifications?

Here we will describe the procedure for verifying instructor qualifications in the world’s largest organization of diving instructors, i.e. PADI. To do this, just go to the website:

The website is available in English and Spanish, but even without knowledge of these languages, obtaining information will not be a problem. It is enough to enter the instructor’s number in the “Member Number” field and click “Submit”.

PADI Pro Chek

In the next step, you will see the name of the instructor, his instructor rank, and whether he has an active training status to conduct courses and issue certificates. The green icon next to “Authorized to Teach” confirms the active training status, and the green icon next to “Renewed” confirms that the instructor has renewed his membership and insurance for that year. Below you will also find information until when this status is valid, and thus when the instructor must renew his rights.

PADI Pro Chek Result

The above report also shows what instructor level the instructor has. In this case it is the “Master Scuba Diver Trainer”. Below you can also find additional information, such as in this case that the instructor with this number is also a first aid instructor and has an active training status and renewed qualifications.

What if I don’t know my instructor’s number?

Each active instructor who is to conduct your training is required to provide you with this number and his full name. However, I assure you that the obligation is not needed here, because any good instructor will be happy and proud to give you all the data. Don’t be afraid to ask, it is part of our job and part of the service you buy. If for any reason your chosen training center does not want to provide you with this information, you should have a red warning light illuminated. You can also contact PADI directly and ask them to check your instructor’s eligibility if you only know his first and last name.


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Why is it worth checking your diving instructor?

As in every industry and in every aspect of life, we can meet people with vocation and passion, as well as people who found themselves in a given place completely by chance. It doesn’t really matter when you come across an incompetent clerk at the grocery store. At most, you will shop elsewhere. However, when it comes to any training, you want the best possible knowledge and you want to be sure that your teacher is qualified and experienced. Otherwise you will lose time and money. Checking eligibility and experience is even more important when it comes to extreme sports or potentially dangerous activities. There is no room for errors or impovizations here. You want to make sure you are learning from the right person.

What does it look like in our diving center in Costa Rica?

All training conducted in our diving center in Costa Rica is always conducted by active and experienced diving instructors. Instructors who do not treat it only as work, but also dive in their free time and constantly develop their skills and participate in subsequent courses. Diving is a never-ending adventure and there is always something new to discover and learn. And even as diving instructors with extensive experience, when we go to another course for more experienced colleagues, we always choose those we can trust.

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