Why it’s great to be a scuba diver?

Is it worth becoming a scuba diver? I am often asked this question by friends at various occasions. For me, the only right and obvious answer is: “Yes, yes of course it’s worth scuba diving!” And why? Today we will try to briefly but concisely answer this question.

Diving is a great recreational activity, and the process of becoming a certified diver is really simple. If you are considering such a hobby and don’t know whether it is worth becoming a certified diver, then this text is for you. Today you will learn why you should start diving!

Become a scuba diver to explore!

There’s nothing like traveling. No doubt, diving in a certain way forces us to travel not only around the country, but also around the world. Because is there anything more beautiful than discovering new dive sites with friends?

Why it's great to be a scuba diver?
Discovering underwater world while scuba diving

Personally, I think that once someone falls in love with diving, they will want to dive more and in new places. And each of them will become more and more exotic. That’s how this spiral gets twisted, but we don’t have much influence on it. What drives us so much to new dive sites is the opportunity to explore the unknown.

We, as humans, without a doubt, have this desire within us to constantly explore. We dive and learn about the underwater world, and afterwards we have the opportunity to learn about the local culture, tourist attractions or way of life and lifestyle. That’s why diving trips are great!

As a diver you will discover a new world

In addition to entering a previously unknown world while diving, you also have the opportunity to learn about that world. While diving, whether in lakes, tropical seas or oceans, you have the opportunity to get an closeup look at what underwater life is like.

Imagine that during each dive you discover new species of fish, corals, mussels or invertebrates. Each creature is different, with different appearance, behavior, way of life, and reaction to your sight. Because no doubt you are quite an attraction for them! Isn’t it great to observe underwater life “live”, not just from the position of the couch in front of the TV?

While diving, you are in a state of weightlessness

If your dreams of being an astronaut have not come true, you have the opportunity to taste the feeling of weightlessness. Diving will allow you to experience a similar state that astronauts are in during space travel. And after taking a proper course about perfect zero buoyancy, you will discover the knowledge and secrets of how to achieve this state almost on cue!

Why it’s great to be a scuba diver
Why it’s great to be a scuba diver?

You begin to appreciate the environment around you

While diving, you become familiar with a new world of flora and fauna, which is much more delicate than the one that surrounds us every day. Soon you will see yourself that what happens on the surface affects the underwater ecosystem very often.

Imagine you’ve been going scuba diving for several years at a place you love. Since you are very familiar with the coral reef, you know where to go to meet a friendly yellow moray eel. One day you find that it is no longer there, because the rising water temperature has forced it to migrate…. You’re sad, aren’t you?

You meet many new divers and friends

Every diving trip is an opportunity to meet new people who are as positively twisted as you are! You meet new divers, exchange views, experiences and advice. On almost every dive trip I’ve been on, there has always been one helping the other regardless of country of origin or beliefs.

It is truly an amazing feeling when you know that when you walk up to any diver you will be able to count on a helpful hand. Thanks to the friendships made on organized trips, you will be able to return to these places almost as your own someday.

Scuba diving skills are useful in everyday life

It probably seems a bit absurd to you, but think about you and your diver being at a boring party or either of you having a conversation with a boring person. One sign signal to your partner and he or she already comes to you with help. But what if, while walking down the street or while shopping, you need to give someone pre-medical first aid?

best scuba in the world
Becoming a scuba diver You can spot plenty of fish schools

After completing the Emergency First Response course, you will know exactly what to do and how to proceed. And by taking a step forward in your diving training and completing the Rescue Diver course, you will also be able to help divers underwater and on the surface.

While scuba diving you can relax and find the peace you desire

Imagine being able to disconnect from constant emails, phone calls, text messages…. you have time to relax, organize your thoughts and the only thing you hear is your own breathing. Well, okay, you will still hear fish scraping the coral reef, or a motorboat passing over the surface and nothing else. Doesn’t all this sound great? A diving trip gives you a taste of silence. It may seem a bit absurd, but you know how hard it is to find silence these days.

Why it’s great to be a scuba diver? Let’s recap

As you can see, diving can be a great adventure of a lifetime and a great way to meet new friends. Diving is also a way to overcome your fears, because although diving is very safe it requires you to get out of your comfort zone.