Diver Decalogue. 10 life rules I learned as a diver

10 life rules

Diver Decalogue

Diving is a great activity that can become the meaning of life. However, when we are not in the water, we have to lead a normal life. Work, take care of the family and fight adversities. But in everyday life and hard times, diving can also help. See ten life rules you can learn as a diver.

Divers Decalogue

1. Keep Calm

The most important rule of this decalogue is – keep calm. Any problem can be solved and every bad situation ends. Just keep calm, don’t stress and think about how you can solve the problem.

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Divers Decalogue

2. A giant stride

Don’t be afraid of what can’t be avoided. You have no influence on everything and sometimes it’s just better to take a big step forward. We are usually afraid of what we do not know.

Divers Decalogue

3. Remember the basics

Whenever you don’t know what to do, just follow the rules you have learned. That is why we set procedures to always know what to do.

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Divers Decalogue

4. Appreciate the moment

No matter what happens, appreciate the moment and place where you are. These moments will never come back.

Divers Decalogue

5. See small things

You won’t always meet big animals in diving. You’ll often see small things that you can easily miss. Just like in life. Don’t miss small things.

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Divers Decalogue

6. The load is not a fault

It is hard to dive without load. Although it is heavy, it is also necessary. Don’t see your limitations as disadvantages. Change it into an advantage.

Divers Decalogue

7. Take care of your buddies

You think you are alone underwater, but this is not true. The moment you need help, your friends will be there for you. Appreciate it.

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Divers Decalogue

8. Don't make a fuss

Whatever happens, try to be calm and do not spoil your surroundings. You don’t know what bridges you will need in the future.

Divers Decalogue

9. Be self-sufficient

Never forget to be self-sufficient. Your partner’s help is good, but count on yourself first.

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Divers Decalogue

10. Just breathe!

Finally, simple and very important advice – just breathe. Everything will be fine!