Best Gifts for a Scuba Diver

Looking for a unique gift for a scuba diver? The occasions can be many, such as the upcoming Christmas holidays. Maybe the birthday of your friend who dives. Maybe you’d like to give a special thanks after a great diving trip or diving course? So, how to choose the best gifts for a scuba diver?

Everyone likes to get gifts, regardless of the occasion. But what kind of gift can you give a scuba diver? As an experienced diving instructor, I have listed some of the best gadgets that will please any diver. You don’t have to look any further, because here is a complete and verified list. Let’s get started!

My top ideas of gifts for scuba divers

1. a voucher for your next scuba diving course
2. a useful piece of equipment
3. a book on scuba diving or a logbook

The best surprises for a scuba diver

Let’s start with the fact that every diver usually has too much equipment. This is such a flaw of ours that I don’t think it can be fixed. We always want new diving equipment, even though the current one works very well. A new diving regulator, a mask, or perhaps a BCD? I’ll take everything!

So the first piece of advice when choosing the best gift for a diver is not to buy anything you don’t know about or don’t know the exact preferences of that particular diver. The point is that most divers already have their equipment selected and know exactly what they want to buy.

And you, though, buying in good faith, can make a misstep. You wouldn’t want to see the face of the gift addressee who says: cool, but I wanted a different model. So let’s focus on gifts for a diver that are sure to bring joy, and are not as obvious as another piece of diving equipment.

Low-cost gifts for a scuba diver

Let’s start with diving small things that will bring a smile and not ruin your pocket. A gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be useful. And so on my list of low cost gifts, includes as follows:

Waterproof Pouch – this is the best way to keep your phone and valuables safe and dry. You may not believe me, but I lost a phone worth $1,000 because in one day, I didn’t take my cover with me…

Keychain with spare orings – O-rings are small seals that are used on the connection between the diving cylinder and the regulator. Sometimes they get damaged and need to be replaced quickly before diving. A set of orings will be a super gift for a scuba diver.

Ocean friendly sunscreen – We often forget that the sun can be very aggressive, especially on water. The sun’s rays reflect off the surface of the water and attack us from all sides. A good sunscreen is really a must. But don’t add to the deterioration of the oceans by using products that are dangerous to the environment. Choose eco-friendly and biodegradable sunscreens that are ocean-friendly.

Anti-fog gel – This is a very cool and useful little item that will be a great gift for any diver. Sometimes it so happens that the diving mask fogs up, which very negatively affects the comfort when diving. The solution is a special liquid or gel that is applied to the inside of the diving mask, which prevents fogging.

Gifts useful for every scuba diver

As I said earlier, buying diving equipment as a gift for a diver is a risky move. You don’t know if it’s what he’s going to actually need. However, there are some pieces of equipment that will always come in handy. So, I put the following on my gift list:

Scuba First Aid kit – a small first aid kit that contains basic bandages or medications that you take is always a good idea. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and you are assured of having what you need with you in case of a cut or headache.

Surface Marker – DSMB, or more accurately Delayed Surface Marker Buoy, is an inflatable, long bag that signals that there is a diver underwater about to surface. It is a key safety feature in diving, and I am shocked to see how few certified divers have one. Just buy it!

Dive mask cover – A diving mask cover is not an item I often see among my customers. And I don’t understand why… A dive mask is an essential piece that has a very big impact on your comfort underwater. If you throw your mask loose in your bag, it can easily get scratched or even damaged.

Logbook – Another gift that will delight any diver is a nice printed logbook. This is a kind of diary in which we record our dives and related experiences. Years later, it’s fun to look at an old dive logbook and recall the first dives in your life.

Give the gift of a scuba diving course

What could be the best gift for a scuba diver? A diving course, of course! Diving is a never-ending adventure, in which there is always something new to discover. And I’m not just talking about the best dive sites in the world, but more courses and degrees of “initiation”. So why not give a diving course as a gift? But. don’t know exactly what course? No problem!

Scuba Diving Vouchers

In good diving centers you can buy vouchers for all services. In our dive center in Costa Rica we also have such gift vouchers, which allow you to exchange them for any services and products in our store. You have several options when it comes to value, so you can decide for yourself what amount you would like to gift. We can personalize them with an additional letter to the addressee, and we can send them worldwide. Vouchers are bearer, so any person can exchange them for services. It’s that easy!!! Contact our team via chat in the corner of the page for details.

Buy a book about scuba diving

The next gift for a scuba diver that will be a good idea is a book. Here you have a very large selection of topics and can buy a book about diving records, an album about the most beautiful sites, or a practical guide about the flora and fauna of the oceans. The last one is actually very practical, because you can take it with you on dives and check what you saw underwater at any time. Books are always a good gift idea, and not just for a diver.

Best gifts for a scuba diver – let’s recap

It is hard to say clearly what will be the best gift for a scuba diver, but in all this one thing is the most important. What really matters is not the gift itself, but the memory of the person. Each person who receives a gift, whether he or she is a diver or not, will be happy that you took the time to choose a trinket that will give him or her pleasure. Let’s keep this in mind when choosing a gift for divers.