What is Project AWARE and how can you help?

Diving is an obvious pleasure and an opportunity to experience things impossible to achieve in any other way. Unfortunately, with the development of mankind and technology, came not only better diving equipment, but also significant degradation of the oceans.

We, as divers, are on the front line of the fight to preserve the natural underwater environment for future generations. By doing nothing, we condemn ourselves not only to poor diving in the future, but simply to extinction. As divers, however, we have the opportunity to do “something” and Project AWARE allows us to do so.

What is the Project AWARE?

PADI AWARE Foundation is an environmental non-profit organization whose mission is to stimulate local action for global ocean conservation. The organization was established back in 1989 as part of PADI. The foundation’s programs provide tools and resources to engage the public and divers to raise awareness and take action on key threats to the oceans.

What is the goal of the Project AWARE?

No change will happen without noticing the problem and being aware of what it can lead to. In Project AWARE’s programs, we take action to create local and global change for the ocean and the communities that depend on it. Local actions focus on protecting the most vulnerable marine species and reducing pollution. Because every contribution matters.

Why is it important to protect the ocean?

The oceans and seas are crucial to our survival as a human species. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to pay enough attention to this, or we intentionally turn a blind eye in the name of economic gain. Oceans absorb as much as 25% of carbon dioxide and produce as much as 50% of oxygen. Surely you’ve heard of the forests and jungles called “the green lungs of the world.” But the truth is that these lungs are blue in color. The oceans simply keep us alive.

Let’s build awareness together

Awareness of our impact on climate change and pollution will unfortunately not build itself. It is also pointless to wait for the mainstream media to get serious about this topic. Unless it is currently attractive. And without knowing what’s really going on under the surface of the water, it’s impossible to change anything in our behavior. It is YOU who has the influence on whether this awareness will spread around the world and cause any change.

Your contribution matters

Your participation in AWARE projects makes a difference. Each training course is not just theoretical knowledge, but more importantly, real-world action. Regardless of the topic you choose, you will learn something new about the oceans and how with your daily choices and actions you can affect its future survival. This, in turn, you can pass on to your friends and family. Because our future depends on all of us.

How can you participate in Project AWARE in Costa Rica?

Our dive center is not only a PADI Accredited Dive Center, but also a proud promoter of the love of the ocean and all activities that help it. We run several AWARE programs that will help you understand what the problem is and what you can do in your area to change it. Project AWARE programs are not only for divers, but you can also participate as a snorkeler or freediver. From each AWARE program, we donate a part of the revenue to conservation efforts and the protection of our oceans. Completing each Project AWARE program also means receiving the appropriate certification and license so you can proudly promote the ideas behind the project.

Let’s recap – Project AWARE

If you are interested in the conservation of the ocean, coral reefs, sea turtles or sharks and what impact their extinction may have on the ocean and our future, then definitely participate in Project AWARE. Participation in the course is not only the pleasure of interacting with the ocean, but also the incredible awareness that you are actually doing something for its survival. Welcome to the bright side of the force!


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