Snorkeling for beginners – Supreme Guide

Snorkeling? Why not! Taking a vacation, but don’t want to lie on the beach for one more year in a row? You don’t really enjoy the perspective of sightseeing all day in the sun, but what else can you do in a place where there are only sights, sand and water? You can snorkel! What is snorkeling for beginners and what is required for it? What equipment to choose and how to get started? We will explain everything to you in the following article!

If you are considering snorkeling and don’t know where to start and what equipment to use, this is the text for you. Here we discuss all the basics of snorkeling for beginners. Let’s get started!!!

Snorkeling for beginners

No special licenses are needed for snorkeling. The activity itself is child’s play – dipping your head under the water, you can freely admire the beauty of the underwater world. You take in air with the snorkel you have in your mouth or with the one built into the mask (depending on what type of equipment you choose).

Snorkeling for beginners does not require good swimming skills (however, you need to take care of safety (more about safety in a moment). All you have to do is enter the water and plunge your mask-protected face below the surface.

Snorkeling – how and where to start?

To begin, all you need to do is get your snorkeling equipment and go to the place where you want to snorkel.
A basic snorkeling equipment set is an expense of about $100, so it is a low-cost activity. You can also rent equipment in popular resorts. However, if you are planning to snorkel more than once, it will be more cost-effective to buy your own equipment. Moreover, your own mask will fit your face much better.

Snorkeling Mask for kids and beginners

Once you have the equipment, learn how to put the mask on well and adjust it to your face to prevent it from fogging up as much as possible (like swimming goggles). If you are reluctant to dive into the water before going on a snorkeling vacation, take your new equipment to the pool or shallow shore at the beach and practice there.

If you are going on vacation with your family, you can all try snorkeling. Snorkeling for beginners is a simple and fun activity, so it’s a great way to stay active on vacation with kids.

Snorkeling – what equipment to choose?

Equipment which will ensure You a fantastic snorkeling in shallow water:

  • Mask and snorkel
  • Fins

When choosing them, the most important thing is the right size.

Mask for snorkeling for beginners

First of all, it should be robust! You plunge the mask into salt water and then surface, exposing it to sunlight and heat. Don’t buy a mask made of cheap plastic, which will crack or not stick to your face after a few uses.

Holding on to the face is another important issue. A good mask should be made of soft silicone and fit tightly on the face. When trying it on, press it against your face – it should suction and will not fall off on its own. If it is otherwise – it is badly fitted.

The mask should also not cause discomfort when wearing it. To enjoy the underwater world, it should have the largest possible field of vision. A great choice will be masks with a screen of tempered glass, which is safe in case of damage and provides high visibility.

There are two types of masks:

A full-face mask with a top-mounted snorkel tube that allows us to breathe freely through our nose and mouth while snorkeling, such as the Cressi Duke Action Full Face Mask.
Eyes and nose mask, such as Cressi Pinocchio mask, made of black silicone with tempered glass, or a two-panel mask with rotating clamps and a wide strap – Cressi Quantum mask.

Snorkeling – everything you need to know about
Basic equipment for snorkeling

How to choose a snorkel?

If you choose a full-face mask, you have the snorkel problem solved. However, if you want to try snorkeling with a separate snorkel, it is best to buy one that can be easily drained in case water gets into it. Relax – the snorkels are equipped with a valve that protects against such an event. If you want to save money and have good equipment, be sure to check out the offer of mask + snorkel sets such as Cressi Marea & Alpha Ultra Dry.


The third and final component of any snorkeling enthusiast’s equipment are fins. Why are they necessary? With fins, you will be able to move underwater with ease. They also help you stay afloat in the water.

How to choose fins? First of all, fit the size – they should not squeeze you or slip off your feet. In the case of non-standard foot sizes, and problems with selecting the perfect fins, it is better to choose ones that are a little too big than too small. For example Cressi Gara Turbo Sprint fins.

What should you remember when snorkeling?

Remember that snorkeling for beginners is supposed to give you pleasure only, so try to relax, but also choose the time and place responsibly. Before going out snorkeling, check what the sea conditions are like (for example, whether there are no big waves or strong currents) and choose a calm place.

Snorkeling – everything you need to know about
Fish watching while snorkeling

Excellent places for your first snorkeling dive are usually shallow waters near bays. The best place from Europe is the Red Sea in Egypt. The areas by the hotel piers here will be perfect for your first snorkeling. It’s not deep down here, the water is warm and calm, and you can see the reef and colorful fish underwater. It’s quite impressive!

Snorkeling safety

Snorkeling for beginners is a very fun form of recreation, and at the same time, to be safe, it is important to remember a few rules.

When swimming on the surface in the sun, it’s a good idea to wear a short wet suit or a shirt with a UV filter. This will prevent burns, which can be very unpleasant.
If you don’t swim very well, it’s a good idea to equip yourself with (or rent) a snorkeling vest. It will increase your safety, as you can inflate it and stay calmly on the surface if necessary. You may need it when you get tired and far from shore or get caught in a spasm.

Snorkeling for beginners – let’s recap

Snorkeling is a great activity for the whole family and a great way to stay active. No matter your age or experience, snorkeling is definitely worth considering as one of your vacation activities. Especially snorkeling for beginners can be a way to experience the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants. What you will see with your own eyes under the surface of the water not even the biggest TV will show you.