What to do in Uvita? A practical guide ⋆ Costa Rica Divers *****

What to do in Uvita? A practical guide

Practical information about Uvita

If you prefer small but very attractive places, Uvita is one of them. A variety of beaches and spectacular mountains,makes the South Pacific ideal for relaxing and paradisiacal adventure.

When you drive along the South coastline, you can discover the many possibilities that you have to enjoy, such as: a horse ride, waterfalls, beaches, night walks, the famous humpback whales that visit us, dolphins and more.

What to do in Uvita?

If you are planning to stay in the Uvita area, we invite you to visit the surrounding areas. Exploring this wonderful little town can take a few days, the best thing would be to stay in Uvita.There is a variety of hostels, campings, beautiful rental houses, impressive mountain hotels, you can find a little bit of everything.

The Marino Ballena National Park

The Marino Ballena National Park is the first Costa Rican protected wildlife area created exclusively for its marine resources. In addition, it represents the first marine park in Central America and is in the eighth position as the best place for whale watching in the world, according to National Geographic.


As for forest vegetation, the most important are in Punta Ballena and in Punta Piñuela. You can find Ojoche, Cedar Maria, Niñosapote and Lizard trees. The mangrove, in and around the black estuary, is made up of red mangrove, button, and palo de sal.

With regard to fauna in addition to the humpback whale, you can find species such as the spotted dolphin, the bottlenose dolphin, the manta ray, the parrotfish and the mackerel. Isla Ballena is also an important nesting site for the white ibis. Other species of birds found in the park are the sea earwig and the brown booby.

Among the main attractions of the national park are:

  • Whale’s Tail-shaped rock formation: it is a natural rocky and sandy geological formation that can only be accessed during 6 hours of low tide.
  • Coral reefs: the left side of the whale tail and Isla Ballena are areas where You can find coral reefs, so you can snorkel there.
  • Whale watching: humpback whales are seen in two seasons of the year. Those that come from the north (December to April) and those from the south (July to November). Also you can also see resident dolphins throughout the year.
  • Whale Island and Tres Hermanas rocks: these are rock formations in which you can nest and observe different species of birds.
  • Arco Beach: a beach of great scenic beauty that can only be entered and exited at low tide and its official entrance is through the Ballena Sector.
Marino Ballena Diving Tour Scuba Diving from Uvita

Marino Ballena Diving Tour – Scuba Diving from Uvita

Scuba diving in Marino Ballena National Park in Uvita is a great way to try diving.
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Horse rides

It is an activity that can be enjoyed by riders with or without experience and childrens. You can also find several points of interest here, such as the sustainable environmental livestock operation, nature or the pleasure of riding a horse.

You can choose two completely different options: you can choose to enjoy the sunset on a beautiful beach that is adjacent to the Marino Ballena park or to walk through a rainy forest that at the end you can find a beautiful waterfall. Both You can only reach on horseback. Horseback riding on the beach is one of the most wonderful and therapeutic experiences.

Cowboy Day

It consists of riding with the cowboys, herding cattle, checking the calves and cows in the pasture, learning to rope calves and other activities typical of the Ranch. It is a cattle ranch dedicated to beef cattle, whose production is in harmony with the balance ecology of the tropical rainforest and surrounding mangroves. Here you can simply enjoy being a cowboy!

Depending on the season of the year in which you visit this place, you will be able to ride with cowboys, rope cattle, and do many other jobs that are performed by their staff in the course of a normal work day.

What to do in Uvita? Visit the waterfalls!

Live an unforgettable experience and immerse yourself in nature visiting the waterfalls that are located near the area. Access to some is difficult so it has to be by car, horseback or simply by walking.

You can choose from:

  • Catarata Nauyaca, Dominical
  • Eco Chontales Falls
  • Catarata Pozo Azul, Dominicalito
  • San Luis Falls
  • Uvita waterfall

Uvita waterfall

The waterfall is surrounded by a completely green forest. After the main entrance, the trail leads to the main waterfall passing through a river that flows through the forest creating natural pools. The waterfall is at the end of the trail. You can climb to the top of it and slide down.

You can also swim in the natural pools and enjoy the scenery on the rocks below the waterfall. The gushing splashes of water give a refreshing and relaxing sensation at the same time. And as if that weren’t enough, if you enter the property through the main entrance, you can see that there is a small butterfly garden and an excellent collection of plants that attract them. Without a doubt you have to spend a moment at this place.

Snorkeling in Uvita Snorkeling Tour for the Whole Family

Snorkeling in Uvita – Great Snorkeling Tour for the Whole Family

A snorkeling tour from Uvita will allow you to see the underwater beauty of Costa Rica.
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Snorkeling on Isla del Caño

The Isla del Caño Reserve is one of the best places to snorkel in the country and is approximately one hour by boat from the Marino Ballena National Park. Once you arrive on the island you will snorkel in two different places, during which You will be able to observe white fin sharks, turtles and many species of fish and corals.

Dolphins in Costa Rica

You can also enjoy lunch on the boat. And if you want you can walk the path on the island of Caño that will lead to a viewpoint at the top of the island. If you are lucky you can meet whales and dolphins on the way back.

Diving on Caño Island

Diving around Caño Island is one of the most recommended trips in Costa Rica. Caño Island is a natural reserve that also covers the surface of the island. Diving there is an amazing opportunity to meet manta rays, dolphins, white fin sharks and even whales face to face.

Scuba diving around Isla del

The Caño Island Nature Reserve is frequently linked as one of the best diving spots in Costa Rica. The area is very famous for its visibility and warm water, which are elements to make it a good place for diving. Doing the diving on Caño Island will be an incredible adventure.


This area of ​​the country has some nice beaches so you can start as a beginner to a “professional” in surfing. To start you can choose either surf lessons or just rent a board. For beginners we recommend Playa Colonia which is located within the limits of the Ballena Marine National Park or known as Playa Chaman.

Then an intermediate level would be pleased with a beautiful beach, one of the best beaches in the area. This is where they eventually release baby turtles. It is a place for locals as well as tourists, but be sure to check the warning about the tide to see how the waves are, as they can get quite strong. The waves at Playa Dominical can grow and that’s when all the professionals and locals go to Dominical.


If you are experienced or have not done this activity before, it does not matter. This option is suitable for anyone, since an experienced guide can accompany you in the kayak.You can choose between going to the mangroves or the ocean. Two very different places but both beautiful.

During the tour in the mangrove you will roam inside the channels and you will be able to observe closely the large number of characteristic animals of the mangrove. On the other hand if you choose to go to the ocean you will be able to closely observe the windows caverns or you will be able to snorkel at Punta Uvita.

Coconut Tour

In this activity, they will learn about the properties and uses of coconut in an artisanal way. In the hands of a local artisan and a local producer who has been interested in rescuing the traditions of coastal areas. He will show You how to apply coconut derivatives in daily life. If You are concerned about the reforestation of coconuts in the Marino Ballena National Park go ahead and learn more about coconuts.


If your intention is to get out of your comfort zone and make you feel the adrenaline rush then this tour is perfect for you. They will teach you the correct technique of abseiling and you will be able to enjoy the waterfall at a total of 27 meters. At the end of the river, where you will find natural pools, you will be able to jump, slide and relax. Then they have a PURA VIDA style picnic.

Corcovado National Park

The Corcovado National Park is one of the richest places in biodiversity that exist in the country. Within it there are several biological stations. You will travel to San Pedrillo, which is approximately an hour and a half by boat from Playa Uvita. After the trip in the boat you will arrive at San Pedrillo Beach and you will walk for a few hours along the trails. At noon you can enjoy a delicious lunch and you can also relax on the beach while waiting for the second walk on the trails to the waterfall. Among the most important animals to observe are the white-faced monkeys, coatis, and limpets.


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ATV Tour Uvita

Discover some of the most amazing landscapes in Costa Rica on an off-road trip through wide mountain ranges where stunning ocean views stretch as far as the eye can see.

About halfway through your journey you are in a quaint, traditional Costa Rican city on a coffee tasting tour with a local family, then continue your exciting journey passing banana plantations and crossing streams. On your way to the lush jungle and wildlife, you can spot monkeys, sloths, toucans, parrots, hawks, and more. Finish your tour with a refreshing drink and a swim in a hidden waterfall.

Bird watching

In Costa Rica, there are 924 species of birds living in different ecosystems. Due to the characteristics of the South Pacific coast, where Marino Ballena National Park is located, birds can be admired everywhere. Pelicans, gannets, toucans, cusings, scarlet macaws, pajuila, hummingbirds and many, many more.

Costa Rican national bird

According to estimates by tour operators, up to 50 species of birds can be seen within three hours. The guides will help you feel comfortable and give you the best tips. However, remember to wear full shoes, use sunscreen, bring a hat, and preferably binoculars and a camera.

Walks in San Josecito

This particular hike includes a series of hiking trails through primary and secondary forests and plains, giving you the opportunity to observe the protected flora and fauna. You will observe the different behavior of insects, birds, mammals and reptiles in their natural habitat. Additionally, you will see a huge variety of tropical plants. Some of the routes are located in the hills of the reserve and in the Morete river basin. It is a great opportunity to observe wildlife, as there is a large open space and forest. The tour covers areas where howls are always heard in the morning.

What to do in Uvita? Summary

As you can see, Uvita and its surroundings are a great place to relax by the ocean. The many activities available will keep you entertained and adventurous for every day of your stay. If you have questions about water activities, please contact our diving center.



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