How to learn to swim? 6 interesting facts about swimming

Do you want to learn to swim or improve your swimming skills? Read 6 swimming tips to help you learn how to be safe on the water. If you know someone who can’t swim, send him this article!

Swimming is considered one of the healthiest sports, due to the fact that it allows our joints, and above all the spine to relieve pressure. It is a great way to relax after a hard day.

This sport is chosen by many, due to the fact that it shapes the body very well and often allows you to lose unnecessary kilograms, because of the resistance that water gives us while swimming. How to learn to swim In the article we will try to bring you some tips that will certainly help you learn fast and effective swimming.

Advantages of swimming:

  • Is a discipline for all: babies and grandparents, healthy and disabled;
  • Increases endurance and coordination;
  • Improves heart and lung function, thanks to which oxidized blood circulates better throughout the body;
  • Activates more muscle than any other sport.
How to learn to swim 6 interesting facts about swimming
How to learn to swim 6 interesting facts about swimming

Why can’t you swim?

There can be many reasons for the lack of swimming skills in adults. They are important, so you need to consider them when learning. Often fear of water is rooted in traumatic childhood experiences. 

When someone falls into the water, begins to melt or sinks into a muddy bottom, has negative associations with water, so getting used to it and gaining trust may take more time. However, all fears can be overcome, but this requires appropriate action.

Some can’t swim just because they didn’t have the opportunity to learn. And when they happened, they preferred not to try, because they were ashamed that they had not yet mastered this skill.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is that you don’t swim. It’s important that you want to learn and wanting means being able to.

Swimming lessons: alone or with a trainer?

You’ll notice the fastest learning effects of swimming in a class with a trainer. The instructor observing your every move will correct errors on a regular basis. This will help you learn the right technique and prevent you from developing bad habits.

In addition, you will learn breathing techniques and learn to coordinate limb and breathing faster. Independent swimming lessons require much more self-denial and determination, but it is not impossible.

Learn to swim: learn to swim with fins and a swim board

Fins and a swim board are very useful for learning to swim. The fins help to keep the body in a horizontal position, increase the efficiency of leg work, make it easier to master swimming techniques, and for less advanced ones ensure the right speed.

The board, in turn, makes it easier to stay on the surface, and at the same time allows you to improve the work of legs and arms.

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What swimming equipment should you have?

At the beginning of their adventure, many people decide to buy swimming goggles. This is a very good step, because chlorinated water irritates the eyes and any splashing is simply unpleasant and can quickly discourage us from visiting the pool again.

In addition, you can get a nose clip. It is very useful for beginners who are not yet able to coordinate their breath so that water does not pour into the nose. Opinions about him are divided; most advanced swimmers and professionals don’t use it.

When going to the pool, you have to remember that sometimes a swimming cap is obligatory. By using the shower cap, the pool water is cleaner and we also protect our hair against chlorine.

Learning to swim: it is easier to learn in saltwater

Everyone has a natural ability to remain on the surface of the water, you only need to learn to calmly and breathe regularly. Air drawn into the lungs makes practiced swimmers stay on the water for a long time almost still.

Saltwater provides much better buoyancy, so it will be easier to learn how to swim in the sea or ocean, of course, provided you are careful. Never swim alone in the sea and always check the depth and type of shore, weather forecast, and the strength and type of current beforehand.

Fear of water – psychological barrier

Many people ask themselves the question of how to overcome the fear of water? A lot of people can’t be overwhelmed by being in any larger water tank, let alone open tanks.

The key element is to gradually increase the depth we are dealing with and get used to the water, and get used to it. Remember not to underestimate the water and treat it with full respect!

How to learn to swim 6 interesting facts about swimming
How to learn to swim?

Learning to swim: a style readily chosen by beginners

Most people start swimming with classic style. It’s a great way for people practicing recreation, because you don’t have to put a lot of effort here. Movements should be symmetrical and synchronized.

Right breath

This is a key element that we must set as a priority in order to take the next steps in our swimming adventure. At first, for sure, sometimes not two of us drink water and it has happened to every person who took the first steps in swimming.

Try to breathe in as much as possible over the surface of the water, and slowly and calmly release it under water until the next breath.

What to remember when swimming?

Beginner swimmers should only train in closed pools, where there is a lifeguard, or go to smaller, guarded bathing areas. Regardless of how well we can swim, we should not swim alone on large, open tanks. It is very dangerous because of the vortices there and the changing weather conditions.

Under no circumstances should we enter the water after drinking alcohol or other stimulants, because we pose a danger to other people on the beach

Swimming lessons – summary

Swimming is healthy because it comprehensively affects the body. Like any aerobic exercise, it helps to lower cholesterol, strengthens the heart and improves circulation.

Regular training can help in the treatment of diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis and diabetes. Swimming does not burden the joints like running, which is why it is recommended for obese people.

Swimming skills are one of the basic skills. You don’t have to be a swimmer and champion, but you should be able to stay safely in the water. This is very important for your life and health, because you never know when it might be useful to you.

If you think it is too late for you to learn to swim, you are wrong! At Costa Rica Divers we run swimming classes for adults and children and we will certainly teach you how to swim. Contact us and come to the trial lesson to see how easy it is. If you’ve learned to walk, you’ll learn to swim!


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