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Scuba Diving for Kids – how to start?

Scuba diving for kids, does it make sense? Of course it does! How to start introducing your child to the underwater world?
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Underwater navigation in scuba diving

Underwater navigation. How to reach your destination?

Underwater navigation is an essential skill for scuba divers. How to learn underwater navigation and how to apply it in practice?
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Scuba diving in Maldives

Best scuba diving in Maldives

Aancient wrecks, deep caves, beautiful coral reefs and hundreds of marine animals? You can find it all whlie scuba diving in Maldives.
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Which BCD will be the best for me

The Perfect Buoyancy Compensator – Buying a BCD

A buoyancy compensator is an essential piece of diving equipment. So often the purchase of your own BCD raises many questions.
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Neutral buoyancy in diving

Neutral buoyancy in diving. Keep perfect buoyancy

Neutral buoyancy in diving gives us the ability to control our bodies. How to maintain zero buoyancy in diving? See our guide
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underwater museum where can see

Underwater Museum – Viewing underwater sculptures

The underwater museum is something you should visit whether you are a diver or not. Let's take a look at the best underwater museums.
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World diving records

World diving records. What are the limits underwater?

Have you wondered what are the world diving records? And have you heard that the longest dive in the sea so far lasted 6 days?
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what is aowd padi scuba

Is it worth doing an Advanced Scuba Diver Course?

Is it Worth Doing an AOWD Course? Is it worth it to do an advanced diving course and what are the qualifications after that? See our guide
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Dive logbook do you even need it

Dive logbook – do we even need it?

What is a dive logbook and what is it used for? And above all, why you should keep your own dive logbook. Here you have all the answers.
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the ugliest fish in the world check

Ugliest fish in the world

Which fish can we call the ugliest in the world? I have two candidates here. Blobfish and Goblin Shark. Which one do you choose?
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