Professional Services

Scuba Diving for Professionals

Scuba diving is not only recreation, but also a way to reach flooded areas and do the work needed. At our diving center, we train in the safe use of diving equipment and techniques for employees of companies, uniformed services and all those to whom such knowledge may be useful in the performance of their work.

Underwater Inspection

We perform professional inspections of underwater and flooded objects.

Investment Control

We provide independent investor supervision services for underwater projects.

Employee Training

We train employees in underwater operations to do their jobs safely.

Equipment Sales

We will advise and supply you with the right equipment for your purpose.

Years of Experience

I personally supervise all work to ensure that our customers receive the high quality of our services.

The experience brought by years of diving, mountain and cave exploration projects and dozens of training courses result in knowledge that I pass on to my students and clients. In addition, my higher education and civil engineering degree from a leading European university help me find a solution to any problem. 

Exploratory dive in flooded corridors of World War II fortifications

Professional Services

Simply put, we train good divers

At our dive center we train divers at every level – from the basic course to professional and technical diving courses. We have a properly prepared training base in order to transfer knowledge in an effective way and to make our trainees simply the best at what they do.

Underwater search of the lake bottom

Professional Consulting

I always advise our clients on solutions that are best for them and their economic interests.

We are always guided by the best interests of our clients and will advise you on the appropriate training or the purchase of the most effective diving equipment. Our goal is to build long and solid relationships with our customers. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

Training dive in a flooded mine

Recent projects we are proud of

Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación


Training in search and rescue techniques for rangers of Isla del Cano biological reserve.