How to prepare for a boat trip?

Are you wondering how you can prepare for a boat trip? Each of our trips looks similar, although their purpose may be different. You can choose diving, snorkeling or whale watching excursions. That is why we have prepared a short guide on how to prepare for a boat trip.

How to prepare for a boat trip?

Before you pack anything, please note that the space on the boat is very limited. That is why it is worth packing only what is necessary and things that can get wet. Choose a bag or backpack that fits under the bench and is waterproof. You will find this type of bag in many stores. Also in our store: CRDIVERS.SHOP

Think about what you really need during a boat trip. Make a list and cross out the things you won’t be using. You will definitely need a towel, sunscreen, seasickness pills, a baseball cap or hat and sunglasses. You can also consider snacks, but remember that we are going to be in the national park and it is forbidden to bring any plastic.

What to bring on a snorkeling or diving trip?

Don’t forget to bring your camera! During your boat trip, you will want to capture the moment of seeing the whales. However, remember to keep an eye on your gear as the ocean can be rough. The boat moves fast and even bounces in the waves, so make sure the camera does not fall overboard at this point.

How to prepare for a boat trip?
How to prepare for a boat trip?

What clothes are best for a boat?

When choosing clothes, consider materials that dry quickly. Even if you don’t get into the water, you’ll probably get a little wet anyway. First you will have to get on a boat that will come as close to the beach as possible, and then you can get wet by the waves while sitting on the boat. Shorts, a T-shirt and a raincoat are the best choices. In Costa Rica, even in the rainy season, it is warm so you should not get cold. However, you should expect rain. In the rainy season, you never know how long it will rain. It could be a few minutes or it could be half a day. Therefore, it is also worth preparing for such an eventuality.

Protection against sunburn

The sun in Costa Rica is really strong and tans very quickly, so it is worth getting a proven sunscreen. Choose a high filter, at least 30 to avoid sunburn. You don’t want to spoil your vacation by hiding in a hotel for the rest of your stay. Currently, ecological sunscreen oils are available to purchase and we recommend them insted of regular ones. Such products are not harmful to marine animals and plants. They work just as well, and we are sure they will not harm fish or turtles. Ask for eco sunscreen in our store!


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How to prepare for snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a good idea for those who want to see what the waters of the Pacific are, but do not necessarily want to scuba dive. Snorkeling with a snorkel gives you the opportunity to see the marine life up close without having to take a lot of equipment with you. All you will need is a mask, snorkel, fins and a buoyancy vest.

It would be a good idea to bring neoprene socks with you. You may rub your feet during intense swimming. A neoprene sock will protect them additionally and in such socks you can also walk safely on the boat without fear of slipping. In our store, we always have a few pieces for sale. If you are interested in them, please ask one of our employees.

Our center provides all the equipment necessary for each participant. We will help you choose the right fins, suggest which mask will be the most comfortable and how to clean it while swimming. Additionally, throughout the tour, the group receives an experienced guide who enters the water with you. We want you to feel safe and know where to go to see as much as possible.

It is also worth taking a camera on a snorkeling trip. Any sports cameras that, thanks to accessories can be easily attached to the wrist or head work well. However, you must bear in mind that you are responsible for your equipment, so we advise you to practice swimming with such a camera beforehand in safe conditions.

Do I need a course to practice snorkeling?

If you were wondering whether a special course is necessary to swim with the snorkel, then I am in a hurry with the answer. Not. You don’t need a course to go on this trip. Nevertheless, our guide will give you tips on how to behave on the boat, on the water and how to use the equipment you will receive. It is also important to go down and board the boat. Sometimes the waves can make this task difficult, so it is important that you listen to your guide and follow his instructions.

In case you want to take your snorkeling equipment, it is of course possible. Please inform our employees in advance and we will note it when booking.

You can read more about snorkeling in Costa Rica and more in our other text on the blog: the best places for snorkeling in Costa Rica.

How to prepare for your first diving trip?

Whether you have chosen a diving course or a PADI Discover Scuba Diving test dive, a great underwater adventure awaits you. Before the tour, you will receive training in the pool to become familiar with the operation of the diving equipment.

In the package, along with the diving, we offer all the necessary diving equipment. You will receive a snorkel mask, wetsuit, fins, vest (BCD), adjuster and other necessary equipment. If you have your own equipment, you can of course take it with you. Inform our employees about it and show it to them so that they can assess whether it is suitable for diving. If you were interested in buying some equipment, our experienced instructors will be happy to help you choose something suitable.

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What to take with you for diving?

When you go on a diving trip for the first time, don’t forget to take your essentials with you. A swimsuit, cap or hat and towel are paramount. Regardless of the weather, sunglasses will also be useful, and in the rainy season also a rain jacket.

If you want to take with you things such as a wallet, documents, phone or camera, we recommend putting them in a bag or backpack, which are waterproof. There is always water on the boat, and the waves often splash both people and the equipment on it.

In the diving package, regardless of whether it is a course or a diving trip, each of our clients includes both drinks and snacks. Therefore, there is no need for you to bring anything with you. We only recommend eating a light breakfast beforehand and taking a seasickness tablet if necessary. You can buy them at a pharmacy or on site in our diving center.

How to prepare for a boat trip?

A boat trip, especially the first time, can be very exciting. Due to limited space, we cannot take too many items, so it is worth considering what we really need. Our employees will be happy to advise you and answer all your doubts. You can call us or write to us. Pura vida.


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