Why are our diving courses better? ⋆ Costa Rica Divers

Why are our diving courses better?

Why are our diving courses better?

We could write about our advantages or experience here, and it will all be true. However, for you, as a future diver, the most important thing is whether the diving school you are going to choose meets your expectations. Why is Costa Rica Divers the best diving center in Costa Rica? Why should you choose our instructors and entrust us with your safety and time? Count to five and you will know all the answers!

We are professionals

Divers train divers

Diving is our profession. Diving is our hobby. Therefore, we do not “produce” certificates. Certainly, you may not get certified if you do not meet the requirements. We want to train our diving partners in future expeditions and crazy projects. And we have a lot of them! That is why our training courses have a high bar.

Your comfort is important

Your comfort is very important to us, therefore all our courses are conducted in a manner tailored to your requirements. Additionally, you can start each of our courses at any time and place thanks to e-learning trainings! Without additional costs! You can read more about online training on our blog: PADI e-learning in Costa Rica 

E-learning training
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver in Costa Rica

Advanced Open Water Diver on Isla del Caño + e-learning

The advanced course will allow you to better understand the rules of diving.
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Quality, not quantity

Quality does not go hand in hand with quantity

Let’s face it, quality rarely has anything to do with quantity. Our course groups are always small so that the instructor can give enough attention to each student. You will not see multi-person courses that bring money for the center, but rarely good skills for a diver. Why are we doing this? Look again at point one!

We give you more than a good training

Another great thing are our gifts, which you will receive absolutely free of charge on every diving course. A diving T-shirt and a diving logbook will be a great sign that you are a diver! Is there any other place where you can count on such bonuses?

Extras that matter

PADI Nitrox Diver + e-learning

Sign up for the PADI Nitrox Diver course
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Boat for divers

We are divers, we use dive boat

Do you remember point 2 about the comfort of your training? It is also very important whether the boat you are diving on is a dive boat or a multipurpose boat. Our boat is adapted to serve divers and convenient transport of all diving equipment. Additionally, we always have a well-equipped first aid kit and oxygen kit on board. Each member of our team is also a diver. Including the captain!

Do you have any questions?

Now you know why our diving courses are simply better. You pay for quality and this is what you can expect. If you have additional questions or would like to make a reservation, please contact our team. You can also use the chat which you will find in the lower left corner!